2013 Speakers

Simon Bates, PhD
Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning
Academic Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Simon provides academic leadership to CTLT which, combined with his role as Senior Advisor Teaching and Learning, ensures the centre is best positioned to support development, delivery and evaluation of outstanding teaching and learning across all Faculties and units. In addition, Simon holds a faculty position as Professor of Teaching in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, teaching on the PHYS 101 course and contributing to their Physics Education Research efforts.

Jon Beasley-Murray
Associate Professor, Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies

Jon Beasley-Murray teaches in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies and in the Arts One program at UBC. He has been involved in various projects to open up his courses, using tools such as blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bonita Bray
Strategist, LMS Professional Development, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Bonita Bray assists, supports and trains faculty and staff in the Connect environment and in other emerging web technologies. She has been involved in e-learning at the post-secondary level – as an instructor and technology teacher – for more than 12 years. She is passionate about the potential of technology to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

Dr. Hugh Brock
Associate-Provost, Academic Innovation

Dr. Hugh Brock, Associate-Provost Academic Innovation, is Professor in the Department of Zoology. He also serves as Principal of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies (CfIS). Prior to leading the Genetics graduate program, Brock helped establish the Life Sciences Institute. The Life Sciences Institute is an innovative multi-Faculty, multi-Department research institute. The goal of the LSI is to generate and sustain innovative, interdisciplinary research dedicated to discovering fundamental biological processes. The Brock lab studies how cells determine and remember their identity in development. Brock’s research and teaching is inherently interdisciplinary, with students exposed to an interdisciplinary range of genetic, developmental, molecular, and biochemical approaches to studying questions in a developmental system. Brock is passionate about the student learning experience, encouraging students to develop their own projects and to work both independently and collaboratively, and in 2002 was presented with the Killam Teaching Award.

Mary Burgess
Director, Curriculum Services and Applied Research, BCcampus

Mary Burgess is the Director, Curriculum Services and Applied Research at BCcampus. Mary is responsible for OER initiatives including the Open Textbook program, professional learning and training programs, and applied research projects such as the remote web-based science labs (RWSL / NANSLO). Prior to joining BCcampus, Mary spent 10 years at Royal Roads University, first as an Instructional Designer and later as the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies. Mary holds a Master of Educational Technology from UBC.

Shauna Butterwick
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies

Shauna Butterwick is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC where she teaches core courses in Adult Learning and Education as well as research methods and doctoral seminars. She incorporates arts-based activities into her teaching as well as her research, including popular or community-based theatre processes, collage, poetry, song and visual expression.

Warren Code
Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative

Warren Code recently completed three years in the Mathematics Department with the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, where he was involved in bringing research-based methods into the classroom (including his own) and measuring student learning of early undergraduate mathematics. His recent move to the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight) is a further opportunity to work with faculty to transform undergraduate education in the Faculty of Science. He has also facilitated Instructional Skills Workshops and is currently a co-facilitator of the Course Design Community of Practice.

Simon Ellis
Associate Professor, Department of Wood Science

A 3M National Teaching Fellowship recipient for 2013, Simon Ellis is an associate professor in the Department of Wood Science in the Faculty of Forestry. He is Director of the Wood Products Processing program and chairs active committees on recruiting, co-op, teaching, and curriculum. Simon currently serves on the Research Advisory Council of the UBC Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the Advisory Board of the UBC Faculty Certificate on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and represents his faculty in the UBC Peer Review of Teaching Initiative. He completed the UBC Certificate on Teaching in Higher Education in 2000 and facilitated a workshop on teaching portfolio preparation as part of that program. He has led this seminar through CTLT since then.

Jon Festinger, Q.C.
Faculty, Centre for Digital Media

Jon Festinger, Q.C. is a Vancouver, British Columbia based counsel and educator. A Faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media (http://thecdm.ca) Jon teaches Video Game Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia (http://blogs.ubc.ca/videogamelaw/) where he has now taught as an Adjunct Professor for two decades, is the author of the first edition of “Video Game Law” published by LexisNexis in 2005, and co-author of the 2nd Edition published in 2012 (http://www.lexisnexis.com/store/ca/catalog/booktemplate/productdetail.jsp?prodId=prd-cad-01004). As a graduate of McGill University’s Faculty of Law, Jon began his legal career in private practice, in turn becoming General Counsel of WIC Western International Communication, Senior Vice President of the CTV Television Network and Executive Vice President, Business & General Counsel of the Vancouver Canucks. Jon practices law through Festinger Law & Strategy LLP, is Vice Chair of Ronald McDonald House British Columbia, City Opera Vancouver and the Simon Fraser University Foundation.

Twitter: @gamebizlaw | Xbox Gamertag: cdmjon

Gillian Gerhard
Manager, Graduate Student Programs, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Gillian Gerhard leads the development, delivery, and assessment of graduate student programs at CTLT. Gillian has a Master’s Degree in engineering and recently completed her PhD in Curriculum and Pedagogy with an emphasis on undergraduate students’ experiences of participation, agency, and identity in disciplinary and interdisciplinary science. Gillian taught for five years in the Integrated sciences Program of the Faculty of Science at UBC and has experience in complexity thinking, science engagement, and education research.

Brett Gilley
CWSEI Teaching and Learning Fellow
Geoscience Education, Sedimentology

Brett Gilley has been trying to decide if he is a Geologist or an Educational Developer since 2003. He completed his Masters in Earth Science at Simon Fraser University and immediately became involved in running teaching workshops, designing courses, and alternately inspiring and scaring students. He has taught at more post secondary institutions in the Vancouver area than he cares to admit, and is currently working in the Earth and Ocean Sciences Department at UBC as part of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative. Brett hopes he is unable to resolve his apparent career dichotomy any time soon.

Shaya Golparian
Resource Room Coordinator, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Shaya Golparian has a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies (Art Education) from UBC and is currently working as the Resource Room Coordinator at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. She is a photographer and a video installation artist, a researcher and an educator whose work addresses the struggles of cultural in-between. Shaya is particularly interested in artistic ways of researching Social Justice and Social Justice Education especially in ways it is concerned with immigrants and their experiences.

Christina Hendricks
Senior Instructor, Department of Philosophy

Christina Hendricks is a Senior Instructor who regularly teaches both in Philosophy and in Arts One. While on sabbatical during the 2012-2013 academic year, she did research on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, particularly on the topics of peer feedback and assessment and learning communities such as Arts One. She also took a “connectivist MOOC” (Massive, Open, Online Course) called ETMOOC: Educational Technology and Media MOOC from January to March 2013, during which she got quite excited about the idea of opening up on-campus courses to wider, informal participants–which she will discuss during this session.

Jim Hope
Instructor, Continuing Studies

Jim Hope has been helping people to learn technology and other skills since the very early 80s and worked with adult learners and students at every level. Although his main focus has been in the Technology, Media and Professional Programs, Jim has also worked in staff and faculty development. Jim was awarded the UBC Continuing Studies Excellence in Teaching in 2010 and a nine-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award.

Janice Johnson
Manager, Facilitation and Process Design, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Jan Johnson is a certified professional facilitator, an adult educator and an educational developer. She has been associated with CTLT in a variety of capacities since 1992. She is currently Manager, Facilitation and Process Design in CTLT. She works with individuals, units, departments and faculties as a process consultant, a facilitator and an educational developer, in areas related to teaching and learning. She contributes to various special projects related to teaching and learning, both across the campus and with other post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.

Pam Kalas
Instructor, Department of Zoology

Pam Kalas has been teaching in the Biology Program since 2009, primarily in first and fourth year courses. She is always keen on experimenting with new activities and strategies in her classrooms, and her ultimate goals are to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking, and to help students become independent learners.

Greg Kozak
Adjunct Professor, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies

Greg Kozak is an adjunct professor with UBC’s School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS) where he teaches classes on administering freedom of information and privacy legislation, as well as classes on archival system and the profession. He is always interested in incorporating technologies commonly used in the professional world into his classes as a way to help prepare students for life outside academia. Professionally, Greg works at BC Hydro as their Enterprise Records Specialist and also manages their corporate library and archives.

Celeste Leander
Instructor, Department of Botany

When she’s not gathering mushrooms or collecting dead seaweed, Celeste Leander enjoys teaching first year biology. Celeste taught in the Coordinated Sciences Program for 10 years, and will teach her 9th year in the Science One program in 2013. Celeste is creative in bringing new teaching techniques from these programs into large first year classes. She often uses case studies, and more recently has implemented a flipped-classroom model in large first year biology classes. Celeste is currently at the San Diego Zoo, studying okapi and cheetah behavior. She (perhaps along with some animals) will join us using technologies she used in her flipped classroom.

Zack Lee
Educational Resources Developer, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Zack Lee supports the development of resources for the programs and services at CTLT, focusing on information design and architecture. He is interested in the intersection of individual participation, new forms of expression and technology. He facilitates a variety of workshops and sessions on learning technologies (e.g. UBC Blogs,UBC Wiki). Only occasionally does he blog at http://scrapingthefringe.org.

Pan Luo
Programmer Analyst, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Pan Luo supports iPeer and WebWorks and serves as Programmer Analyst at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. He also develops application plug-ins for system integration and web applications(e.g. iPeer). Pan is interested in exploring and utilizing new technologies in learning environments.

Jason McAllister
Lead Facilitator, Graduate Student Programs, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Jason McAlister is the Lead Facilitator for the Graduate Student Programs in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. He has taught as a Teaching Assistant and Sessional Instructor in the Department of Earth Ocean Atmosphere Sciences and has been fortunate to receive Departmental TA awards and the Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

Janet McCracken, PhD
Instructional Designer/Project Manager, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Janet McCracken is currently an Instructional Designer/Project Manager in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, The University of British Columbia, responsible for assisting and managing faculty and technical teams in designing, developing and delivering distance and blended learning courses across a broad range of disciplines and learning contexts. Janet is also a Sessional Instructor in the online Masters of Educational Technology program, teaching Research Methods and Learning Theory. Janet has a PhD from the Institute of Educational Technology, the British Open University, and her thesis focused on developing a model for integrating learner-centred data into designing learning materials and interactions. She is active in the scholarly community of teaching and learning as a reviewer for SSHRC standard grants, as well as serving on editorial boards of the Journal of Distance Education, the Journal of Learning, Media and Instruction, the Journal of Educational Technology & Society, and the Canadian Journal of Learning Technology (CJLT), and several conference panels.

Peter Ostafichuk
Senior Instructor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Peter Ostafichuk is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. He is an extensive user of TBL and first adopted it in 2004 for a new engineering design course. In the time since, he has taught over 20 different course sections using TBL – these courses span the second year to graduate levels and with class sizes from 30 to 130 students. Peter was also the lead developer (and for eight years the coordinator) of the multi-award winning integrated Mech 2 program for second-year mechanical engineering.

Rick Ouellet
Student and Community Development Officer, First Nations House of Learning

Rick Ouellet is the Student and Community Development Officer at the First Nations House of Learning. In this role, he is responsible for developing and managing programs and services for Aboriginal students and fostering a vibrant and inclusive community at the Longhouse. Rick grew up in the upper Athabasca Métis community and was fortunate to be exposed to his ancestral culture and worldview. He has taught post secondary classes since 2005, mostly in First Nation studies, and is passionate about bridging the academic and Aboriginal (Métis) worlds. Mr. Ouellet, a descendant of the Aboriginal families evicted from Jasper National Park in 1910/11, is currently working on a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Amy Perrault
Aboriginal Initiatives Coordinator, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Amy Perreault is the Strategist for Aboriginal Initiatives at CTLT where she works with staff, faculty groups, training programs for teaching assistants, new faculty, and administrators, to support the development of a higher standard of professionalism in conducting discussions of Aboriginal and other contentious social issues in curricular settings. Amy is a co-developer and researcher for What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom and manages the development of Indigenous Foundations. Work on these projects clearly identify the complexities and challenges of classroom conversations involving contentious cross-cultural discussions, and in specific discourse around Aboriginal curriculum.

Dr. Angela Redish
Professor, Department of Economics

Dr. Angela Redish served as a Professor in the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts at UBC for nearly 30 years. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, and her subsequent research studied the evolution of the European and North American monetary and banking systems. She served as Special Advisor at the Bank of Canada in 2000-2001, and continues to be active in monetary policy debates. Her teaching has been mainly in the areas of economic history, monetary and macro-economics. Professor Redish served as Head of UBC’s Department of Economics from 2001-2006 and subsequently as Senior Advisor to President Toope, acting as a faculty liaison and providing advice on such issues as the university budget, and government relations. More recently, Professor Redish has been actively involved with the project to establish the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC.

Emily Renoe
Learning Technology Specialist, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Emily Renoe assists, supports and trains faculty and staff in the Connect environments, as well as other UBC supported technologies. She has worked in the elearning field for over 10 years and previously worked as a Technical Trainer in the private sector

Novak Rogic
Web Strategy Manager, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Novak Rogic is the Web Strategy Manager at CTLT, leading web projects that emphasize online community building, content sharing and republishing. He believes that ‘less is more’ and he would love to show you why and how you should turn your website into the service for your audience and clients.

Eilidh Singh
Academic English Support Coach/ Instructor
English Language Institute, UBC Continuing Studies

Eilidh has worked with ESL/EAL students since 1989, most recently as a language coach with the Academic English Support (AES) Program at the UBC English Language Institute. An initiative from the Provost’s Office, the AES was developed in 2011/12 by Continuing Studies in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. It offers free English language support to any UBC student for whom English is not the first language.

Joseph Topornycky
TA Training Coordinator, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

After coming to Canada in 2005 to work on a PhD in Philosophy, Joseph Topornycky got involved with the CTLT (then TAG) after receiving training as a Teaching Assistant. Joseph is an experienced Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) facilitator and Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW) trainer. Now completed his PhD, Joseph works with departments to help them plan and implement discipline specific TA Training for their Teaching Assistants.

Sarah Louise Turner
Teaching Enhancement Specialist (voice), Simon Fraser University

Sarah Louise Turner is a voice, acting, and presentation-skills coach. Over the past 15 years she has taught at a variety of institutions, including the Vancouver Film School, the William Davis Centre for Actors’ Study, the Tooba Physical Theatre, Indiana University, and SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. Sarah has a busy private practice as a guest speaker, workshop leader, and facilitator. Her clients include the Royal Bank of Canada, Blast Radius, the Vancouver Foundation, the University of British Columbia, and the Vancouver Opera. With an MFA from Indiana University, she brings her skills as an extremely accomplished performer to all aspects of her work. Her experience as an actor includes performances in Canada and the United States that have earned her numerous accolades including a Jessie Richardson Award nomination and roles with Bard on the Beach, Stanley Theatre, Touchstone Theatre, and many more. Sarah is also an Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator at SFU and currently serves as president on the board of Pangaea World Arts Theatre.

Cindy Underhill
Learning Resource Design Strategist, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Cindy Underhill is a Learning Resource Design Strategist with UBC’s Centre for Teaching,Learning and Technology and is engaged in a variety of projects related to the development of web based resources to support learning-wherever it happens. Cindy’s been a college instructor, considers herself a perpetual learner, and has been involved with educational technology and distance learning for the past several years at UBC. She blogs infrequently at: Potentially Coherent https://cindyu.wordpress.com/ and tweets sporadically @cindyu.

Roselynn Verwoord
Evaluation and Research Coordinator, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Roselynn Verwoord is an educator, researcher, musician, and learner. She is currently completing a PhD in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Roselynn has several years of experience as an educator, facilitator, and curriculum developer and currently works as the Evaluation and Research Coordinator for the UBC Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology. As a researcher, her interests lie in using the arts, particularly quiltmaking and other fabric arts as a vehicle for opening up new and embodied (yet often hidden or buried) understandings.

Ashley Whillans
Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Ashley Whillans is a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, studying the health and happiness benefits of helping others. Before becoming a professional student, Ashley was a professional actor in theatre, television, and film. She has studied a variety of acting, voice and movement techniques, and spent a year studying Shakespearean Acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. Ashley is excited about facilitating this workshop because she is often asked: “How did you end up in research” and “Don’t you miss theatre” to which she replies…graduate student life is a lot of like theatre, really!” Thus, she looks forward to generating deeper answers to such questions and to further exploring and sharing how acting techniques can be used to facilitate effective teaching.

Rima Wilkes
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Rima Wilkes is Associate Professor of Sociology at UBC where she teaches both large and small classes in Canadian Society, Social Movements and Survey Methods. She has also spent the last several years giving seminars on these subjects at the UBC Learning Exchange. Currently, Wilkes is working with the UBC FNHL-Arts Committee to publicize UBC events surrounding the September 18-21 Vancouver meeting of the Indian Residential School Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Brian Wilson
Instructional Designer/Project Manager, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Brian Wilson assists faculty design, build and maintain their online courses. In addition to both teaching and studying in the online environment, he also has many years of experience teaching face-to-face. He is currently interested in how mobile platforms can be used to enhance and transform the student experience, especially in online and distance courses.

Lucas Wright
Learning Technology Specialist, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Lucas Wright has a passion for teaching, learning and collaborative, open and interactive learning technologies. As part of the faculty development team at CTLT, Lucas consults and collaborates with faculty and staff from across UBC to enhance teaching and learning at the University. His areas of focus include teaching and learning with blogs, portfolios/ePortfolios and personal publication and leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Joe Zerdin
Emerging Technologies Analyst, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Joe Zerdin loves technology. When something new and shiny comes out he immediately evaluates it and starts to consider how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning. With over a decade of experience working with various educational technology tools, Joe is well versed in promoting, supporting, troubleshooting, and lightening the pressures that are sometimes associated with adopting new technologies in a teaching and learning environment. Joe is an Emerging Technologies Analyst at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.