Facilitator Spotlights

Individuals dedicated to teaching and learning sharing their experiences, learning, and highlights as an Institute Facilitator.

Kathleen Foote, PhD

Science Education Specialist
Astronomy & Physics, Faculty of Science

“I presented a workshop “Transforming Teaching in Innovative Learning Spaces” during the 2018 Spring Institute because I noticed an increasing number of reformed spaces around campus that people seemed to be hesitant to take advantage of, including in my own department. Presenting the workshop was rewarding because I learned about even more spaces, for example the Learning Labs in the Sauder Business School, and many participants came with valuable experiences teaching in various spaces. I love learning during workshops that I present!”

John Vigna

Instructor, Pedagogy Chair
Creative Writing, Faculty of Arts

“My goal as a facilitator was simply to foster, encourage and support them, while at the same time provide them with an informative and hopefully rewarding experience. I was inspired by how hard the participants worked, the risks they took in abandoning long-held practices, and the courage they demonstrated to embrace and execute new ideas. The workshops at CTLT are wonderful for creating a community of diverse perspectives, respect among colleagues and a good dose of enthusiasm to carry into the semester. My own teaching practice has benefitted enormously.”

Laila Ferreira, PhD

Arts Studies in Research & Writing, Faculty of Arts

“Participating in the 2018 Summer Institute as a facilitator was an energizing way to reconnect with colleagues, reactivate my teaching practices and focus my pedagogical goals for the coming school year. Collaborating with my co-facilitators and affirming our shared interest in the first-year student experience and then sharing our particular expertise with the workshop participants was both fun and rewarding. The structure of the workshop itself led to dynamic discussions that contributed both to my own individual teaching strategies and the designing of the First-Year Educator’s Symposium in January. Participating as a facilitator in the Summer Institute recharged my commitment to collaborating with colleagues and sharing resources in becoming a better teacher and staying in tune with new pedagogical practices.”

Michael Schumiatcher

Community Collaborator
Department Head of Visual and Performing Arts, Burnaby Central Secondary School

“It was a pleasure to facilitate “Thunder in Our Voices: An Interactive Inquiry-Based Educational Program” workshop. We were well received and I was especially impressed with the diversity of faculties represented by the attendees. I was also very impressed with the enthusiasm of the participants in engaging in the story telling section of the workshop. It is exciting to me to know that so many individuals from so many different disciplines are interested in developing Indigenous curriculum and First Peoples Principles of Learning in their classrooms. To me, this work is an exciting opportunity to deepen our understanding of this local, it’s history, its people and their teachings. Furthermore, it creates opportunities to build bridges and relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and their societies. The experience was rewarding and inspiring and I welcome opportunities to facilitate similar workshops in future.”

Tim Kato

Team Lead
Learning Technology Hub

“I was really impressed by the engagement of the participants in our session – Learning Technology Orientation and Training during the 2018 Summer Institute. They were super interested to learn, to experiment, and to envision how some of the tools they were hearing about could fit into their course. It was very energizing to work with such a wonderful group!”