Facilitator Spotlights

Individuals dedicated to teaching and learning sharing their experiences, learning, and highlights as an Institute Facilitator.

Casey Keulen, PhD, PENG

Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science

“It was my honor to present our session: ‘Hybrid Courses: Lessons Learned from Multi-Campus Instruction’ with my collaborator, Christoph Sielmann at the 2021 Winter Institute. This was a follow up to our session from the 2020 Winter Institute: ‘Challenges and Benefits of Multi-Campus Learning’. This work started from a need within our new undergraduate program, Manufacturing Engineering, which is the Faculty of Applied Science’s first program taught across both campuses. We realized there were quite a few similarities between multi-campus instruction and hybrid courses, which have become very common these days, and wanted to share our experiences. I look forward to continuing our work in this area to benefit our program and the teaching community as a whole.

Christoph Sielmann, PhD, PENG

Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science

It was a delight to facilitate “Hybrid Courses: Lessons Learned from Multi-Campus Instruction” alongside Dr. Casey Keulen at the 2021 Winter Institute, a follow-up to last year’s session on “Challenges and Benefits of Multi-Campus Learning.” Multi-campus and hybrid formats are challenging contexts in which to teach, but they also offer extraordinary opportunities to reach new communities, overcome language barriers, and collaborate across cultures. I am grateful for the engaging feedback and participation from all attendees of our workshops, and I am excited to see how pedagogy evolves alongside technology as more programs and institutions explore these and other technology-enabled instructional formats.

Benjamin Cheung, PhD

Lecturer and Indigenous Initiatives Coordinator
Psychology, Faculty of Arts

“I helped facilitate the session, Walking The Talk: Sharing Our Practices Engaging with Indigenous Initiatives in the Spring of 2021 by sharing my motivation and journey in making Indigeneity an important part of my work. As a settler and a junior scholar, it is important for me to do what I can to get things right when engaging with something so important and sensitive. All of this work has been immensely humbling, and I couldn’t have done this without the Indigenous students I’ve had the chance to work with. I encourage all settler faculty and staff to engage with the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives crew, and to do your own learning as well, so that we can all appropriately engage with Indigenous topics, people, and cultures.”

Sarika Bose, PhD

English Language Studies, Faculty of Arts

“I enjoyed facilitating What I Learned from Working Online with TAs with my co-panelists. The collaborative work between the panelists and attendees inspired my own pedagogical strategies. As a long-time instructor at UBC, I am interested in evolving my teaching practices, and in engaging with my fellow instructors. As co-facilitator of CTLT’s Contract Faculty Community of Practice for the last 7 years, I have found the opportunity to share ideas and techniques with other educators to be valuable. The cross-disciplinary nature of CTLT workshops opens our minds to new possibilities and new collaborations, and I look forward to continuing to work with colleagues in becoming the best educators that we can.”

Jonathan Graves, PhD

Assistant Professor of Teaching
Vancouver School of Economics

I really enjoy facilitating and participating in workshops and other events at the CTLT. Since I get to learn from others and connect with the broader teaching community here at UBC and beyond, it’s always a rewarding experience. For example, when I facilitate workshops addressing assessment and the COVID-19 pandemic, I have the chance to not only share some of my own experiences, but also, to hear about the challenges and solutions other people are exploring. I always come away with a better idea of what other people are working on, as well as, a deeper understanding of my own perspective. Highly recommended!

Xiaowen Xu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Teaching
Chinese Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Arts

I have worked closely with Doctors Bosung Kim and Trish Varao-Sousa from the CTLT to explore how to enhance students’ academic communication skills via implementing group projects in medium-sized undergraduate courses. Each time we deliver our workshops, my co-facilitators and I aim to connect, communicate, and collaborate with our participants, many of whom have either pedagogical practices themselves, or have plans to implement group projects in their courses across a diverse range of disciplines. From this experience, I have also acquired pedagogical fellowship, new inspirations from my participants, and renewed courage to find more effective solutions for various group project situations. I have benefited just as much as our workshop participants. All in all, I fully believe that the CTLT Institutes are a charging station for all teaching members who are keen to provide the best learning experience for their students at UBC.”