Spring Institute: Call for Contributions

Embracing Creativity & Risk Taking

“In a world characterized by complex societal challenges and heightened public expectations, broad-based innovation is imperative.” – UBC Strategic Plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century (p. 32)

The 2020 Spring Institute will be hosted from May 19-22.

We invite proposals that demonstrate purposeful innovation in teaching practices, educational research, student services, and learning technology to support student success and experiences. The Spring Institute serves as a forum for members of the teaching and learning community to collaborate, network and engage in knowledge exchange. For more information, support, or to book a consultation email Ainsley Camps at ainsley.camps@ubc.ca

Proposal Requirements

  • Primary Contact Information (Name, Department, Role, Email Address)
  • Name and Role of Co-facilitators
  • Session Title and Description
  • Connection to Educational Research and Pedagogical Knowledge
  • Session Format Selection
  • Audiovisual Requirements

Session Formats

  • Interactive Workshop (90 minutes) — offer Institute attendees the chance to explore a topic in depth with their peers and to translate their learning into their respective teaching contexts
  • Research Bytes (15 minutes) – we invite contributions under the theme of: what doing SoTL has taught me. Presentations are invited at any stage of your SoTL process. Be prepared to engage in facilitated discussions around how to translate knowledge into practice in different teaching and learning contexts!
  • Panel Presentation and Discussion (90 minutes) — provides a forum of public exchange of ideas, giving experts and Institute attendees the chance to discuss a particular topic collaboratively.
  • Round Table Symposium Discussion (90 minutes) — three short discussions on related topics (20 minutes) requiring moderators to set the context and provide ideas/information to shape and enrich the dialogue, followed by a facilitated discussion at the end.

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria will be used internally by the review committee for discussions and for providing feedback to the proposal author(s):

  1. The description clearly defines the session’s learning outcomes.
  2. The description outlines the session activity and appears interactive and engaging.
  3. The session addresses a relevant issue in teaching and learning that are aligned with the core areas of UBC Strategic Plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century.
  4. The session topic will be of interest to Institute attendees from a variety of perspectives (e.g., disciplinary backgrounds, roles, class sizes, academic levels, etc.)

Reviewers will provide specific feedback and suggestions to improve your proposed session.

Please submit your proposal by noon on Monday, February 24, 2020.

Please note that we are planning to host 20 sessions during the Spring Institute and may not be able to accommodate all submissions. We may ask to defer your proposals to Summer and/or Winter Institutes.

We will be hosting a Facilitation Development Workshop on Thursday, April 23 from 2:30–4:00 p.m. for Institute Facilitators who wish to build their facilitation skills and to connect with their fellow facilitators.