Pre-session work (Classroom teaching)

Time to complete this module: 10-20 minutes

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Reflect on the things that you do before and during class that helps effective learning occur
  • Reflect on the role of your students in their own learning, and the learning of their peers

Imagine teaching a class in your discipline or normal teaching context that is going as well as you could imagine. Write notes in another document/on paper about the class, what is going on, what stands out for you about that ideal class.

Please answer the following questions about the ideal teaching situation you just described. If a question asks you for details you did not consider in your ideal scenario, make a note of that, but also use the question to "fill in" those details as you answer.

  • Please include your name if you would like to receive credit for completing this theme.
  • Please tell us your e-mail address to receive a copy of your responses