Teaching Practice

These session are focused on what we can do to improve our teaching practice.  As instructors and TAs, we have various tips and techniques to effective guide learners in the classroom.  In these workshops, we explore our own teaching approach and add to our toolkit to ensure our teaching practice benefits our students.

In order to complete the theme, you must register for and complete each of the sessions listed below. In addition, you must complete the pre-session module before the institute begins, and the post session module after the final session in the theme. If you complete the whole theme, you will be eligible for a signed letter of completion to be placed in your Teaching Portfolio.

Please note – In order to qualify for the letter of completion for this theme:

  1. You must attend and complete all three of the sessions listed below.
  2. The Pre-Session Module must be completed before 8:00 am on Monday, January 15, 2018.
  3. The Post-Session Module must be completed between 5:30 pm on January 18 and 5:30 pm on January 25, 2018.

The sessions in this theme are as follows.

TAing in Large Classrooms: What to Expect, How to Excel

Teaching large classes can be intimidating, but it is often a necessity. Many instructors end up lecturing because they aren’t sure how to engage students in active learning when class sizes are large. In this session we will discuss challenges in teaching large classes and develop techniques to engage with them.  By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: a) identify challenges in using active learning in large classes; b) explain 3 reasons active learning is important for large classes; and c) develop techniques for using active learning in large classes.

Facilitator: Janel Fergusson

TAing in a Culturally Diverse Classroom

Students and instructors including TA’s seem to be overwhelmed by challenges of being in a culturally diverse classroom context. Have you wondered why and how students from different cultural backgrounds than you seem to perceive things differently? Do you know that you can maximize the benefits your diverse learners bring and navigate the possible challenges of TAing is such environment?  This very interactive session will explore these and similar questions you may have and help you: (1) identify the benefits and challenges of TAing in culturally diverse classrooms; and, (2) generate pedagogical practices for empowering your students to navigate possible challenges starting from lesson planning to actual instructional delivery and supporting their active learning.

Facilitator: Aloy Anyichie

Growth Mindset in TAing: Developing a Pathway

In this session, we will explore how promoting growth mindsets in the classroom can positively impact student learning. Moreover, we will emphasize the benefits for personal TA development, both in the classroom and beyond. In the process, we will bust a few educational myths. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: a) describe how growth vs fixed mindsets impact student learning; b) apply growth-mindset tactics in giving and receiving feedback to your students; and c) start including mindsets in your own reflective practice and professional development.

Facilitators: Matt Coles and Jens Vent-Schmidt