Teaching Reflection

What does it mean to reflective in our teaching and why does that matter?  These sessions explore the value reflection can bring to our teaching practice as an instructor and for our learners.  What are some practical steps we can do to ensure reflection is part of our teaching practice for ourselves and learners?

In order to complete the theme, you must register for and complete each of the sessions listed below. In addition, you must complete the pre-session module before the institute begins, and the post session module after the final session in the theme. If you complete the whole theme, you will be eligible for a signed letter of completion to be placed in your Teaching Portfolio.

  1. You must attend and complete all three of the sessions listed below.
  2. The Pre-Session Module must be completed before 8:00 am on Monday, January 15, 2018.
  3. The Post-Session Module must be completed between 5:30 pm on January 18 and 5:30 pm on January 25, 2018.

The sessions in this theme are as follows.

Growth Mindset in TAing: Developing a Pathway

In this session, we will explore how promoting growth mindsets in the classroom can positively impact student learning. Moreover, we will emphasize the benefits for personal TA development, both in the classroom and beyond. In the process, we will bust a few educational myths. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: a) describe how growth vs fixed mindsets impact student learning; b) apply growth-mindset tactics in giving and receiving feedback to your students; and c) start including mindsets in your own reflective practice and professional development.

Facilitators: Matt Coles and Jens Vent-Schmidt

After the ISW: Embedding Reflection into Your Teaching Practice

Want to get more out of your successes and failures in teaching? Reflection can be a useful process for both learners and instructors, but how can you go about doing this routinely and effectively? In this workshop, we will collaboratively: a) identify opportunities to integrate reflection in your teaching practice to benefit your learners; b) generate concrete strategies to embed reflection in your teaching routine; and c) appreciate the value and insights gained through effective reflection.

Facilitators: Mabel Ho and Austin Taylor

Introduction to Developing Teaching Philosphy and Teaching Portfolio

If possible, please bring a laptop computer to this session. Paper and pens will otherwise be available.

Have you considered how to document and highlight your teaching contributions, student impact, and mentorship? This interactive workshop is designed to build the foundation needed for professionals to start their teaching portfolio (a collection of documents that communicates your teaching philosophy, teaching activity, and evaluates teaching effectiveness, highlights student mentorship and commitment to professional development). Roll up your sleeves and join us in this hands-on workshop where you will: Identify teaching activities of relevance to a teaching portfolio, describe the purpose of a teaching philosophy, and develop the central theme(s) of your teaching philosophy.

Facilitators: Colin Dring and Linda Horianopoulos