January 2023 TA Institute

From January TBD, the CTLT Teaching Assistant (TA) Institute includes a collection of workshops designed to support TAs as their roles change along with the move to online courses. The week of professional development workshops are open to graduate students and undergraduate TAs. This year, workshops will be organized into five themes, and if you complete four workshops within a theme, and complete the related pre & post-session online modules, you are eligible for a letter of completion that you can include in your Teaching Portfolio and CV. Session materials and relevant resources will be curated on the UBC Wiki to support your ongoing learning.

TA Institute participants who meet the eligibility criteria for a Completion Letter will be receiving their letters by the end of March (see below for the eligibility criteria). If you meet the eligibility criteria and have any questions about the status of your letter after that date, please contact CTLT.TAInstitute@ubc.ca.

Eligibility criteria:

The pre-session modules must be completed by January TBD, 2023 by 9 am, and the post-session modules must be completed by January TBD, 2023 at noon.

Register for sessions below:

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